Company Overview

Orica is the largest provider of commercial explosives and blasting systems to the mining and infrastructure markets, the global leader in the provision of ground support in mining and tunnelling, and the leading supplier of sodium cyanide for gold extraction.

Orica also supplies general chemicals across a diverse range of markets, including agriculture, building and construction, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care, plastics, pulp and paper and water treatment industries.

Orica has a strong portfolio of manufacturing and distribution assets strategically located across Australia Pacific, Asia, EMEA, Latin America and North America which enables us to provide valuable supply chain capabilities for our customers.

Global Reach

An Australian company with a global footprint, Orica has a diverse workforce of over 14,500 people, with operations in more than 50 countries and customers in more than 100.

Orica’s strategic positioning within the mining sector allows us to maintain stability through continued global economic uncertainty. The mining and processing segments of the commodities value chain on which Orica focuses are largely influenced by production volumes that demonstrate low volatility, even during times of economic slow-down.

People and Environment

At Orica, we care about our people and our environment. Meeting our environmental, social and community obligations is important to us, our customers and the community.

We are progressively cleaning up legacy issues that have resulted from past manufacturing practices. This is a task that takes time and a strong commitment. Orica continues to cooperate with regulatory authorities and the community to achieve the required results, such as the Botany Groundwater Treatment Plant.

At Orica, we believe that our responsible corporate practices will not only enhance our financial performance but the communities in which we work.

Company Summary
Orica Limited
Number of Employees
500 or more
(303) 268-5000
33101 E Quincy Ave
Watkins, CO