Company Overview

Having developed custom applications in and around the Microsoft platform since 1995, Magenic has earned a reputation as an elite technology partner for custom software solutions. As a member of the official Microsoft Partner Network (MPN), we’ve achieved “Gold” status in: Portals and collaboration, digital marketing, data platforms, web development, software development, and application development. Beyond being a member of the MPN, we’re one of just a select few members that have been awarded the status of National Systems Integrator by Microsoft.

Magenic uses this expertise to develop industry-leading custom software solutions that transform our clients’ businesses in a way that no off-the-shelf product can. Off-the-shelf products may appear cost-effective on the surface, but in the end they typically end up as mere bandages that cover an inconvenience while the greater issue worsens. Licensing fees, lack of control over upgrades, and the inability to grow with your business are all limitations that inevitably make “affordable” off-the-shelf products wastes of time and money in the end, when compared to custom software solutions.

Magenic is a technical company that was founded by technical people; our roots don’t come from sales- oriented entrepreneurs, but rather from technical-minded people who know the ins and outs of what it takes to make topflight custom software solutions. Having started as an idea and a vision from CEO Greg Frankenfield and President Paul Fridman, Magenic has grown from a basement start-up to an international industry leader. Magenic's size allows us to offer clients the one-on-one personalized attention and respect they deserve but can’t find with software behemoths, while still providing the bandwidth and expertise to handle the most mission-critical of business needs.

…to our employees?

Magenic invests in its people both inside and outside the office. Our benefits packages that include medical, dental, vision, 401(k) company match, FSAs, life and disability insurance, holiday pay, and PTO were put in place to promote physical, emotional, and financial wellness to each member of our team.

We encourage team members to learn and meet the potential that we see in them. Our clients expect innovation and excellence, and in turn, we strive to promote those same qualities in our team. Working with world-class experts including Rockford Lhotka (inventor of the CSLA .NET framework), Chris Williams, and Jason Bock provides our team with the constant ability for growth and the expansion of their already impressive skill sets.

With offices in Minneapolis, San Francisco, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta and Ann Arbor the potential for travel is also ever-present. By offering our team members the chance to see different areas of the country, we provide them the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and grow on a personal level.

…to the community?

Magenic is very grateful to the Twin Cities for nearly two decades of success. The causes we support are close to the lives of the people who make our company great. Each month, Magenic partners with Microsoft and staffs Loaves&Fishes, which feeds the metro area homeless. Annually, our team members participate in the Animal Humane Society’s Walk for Animals and Children’s Cancer Research Fund Time to Fly. Magenic matches the funds raised by each of our employees. We’re also a regular supporter of the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis. Magenic sponsored Avenue Q, which ran from March 25th through May 1st, 2011 and Theatre Mu’s Little Shop of Horrors as well.

Company Summary
Magenic Technologies, Inc
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