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  • Resume Advice for College Students
    by Robin Schlinger - April 28, 2017
    Q. I am going to be graduating soon with a degree in economics but I really want to work in the fashion industry. How can I apply for jobs when all my education is pointing in the wrong direction? A. Many of us find that our careers take off in directions that have little if anything to do with our degree. I’m a professional resume writer but my degree from MIT is in Chemical Engineering. That does not mean my degr...
  • Students Must Still Do This Themselves
    by Bob Roth - April 3, 2017
    Knowing what to do and knowing how to do it are not the same as doing it. Although others can tell college students how to impress their target employers, the students themselves must perform the activities and achieve the results that employers want, need and expect. Having a roadmap, an app or a guidance system is good, but as of today, someone still has to drive the car. Employers have expectations. When studen...
  • Job Hunting Survival Tips for Collegians
    with Christy Palfy and Tim Muma - March 27, 2017
    Trying to land a job out of college has changed in the last decade. In some ways it's easier to find the best career path, but other factors have increased the challenge. Christy Palfy, recruiting manager for Progressive Insurance, gives listeners inside knowledge of the best ways to find a great job to start their career. Christy shares her personal knowledge and experience, having hired college graduates and countless tal...
  • Lessons College Students Need To Learn
    by Bob Roth - March 1, 2017
    When students enter college they will be expected to behave like adults. That means that they will do their own work, solve their own problems and interact with others in an adult or professional manner. That is just the beginning. To live their lives as graduates who are happy, highly respected and paid well enough to achieve their goals, they should be building the platform on which to launch their careers while th...
  • Can Coding Camps/Schools Get You A Job? The Real Answer Applies to All Career Changers...
    by Kris Dunn - February 16, 2017
    In a post-Trump world where AI is increasingly eliminating jobs that aren't coming back to the states - or to earth for that matter - it's a good exercise to think about workforce development/retraining alternatives that are out there. Let's look at one of those alternatives that has been especially hot. Coding bootcamps, which are Code camp 12- or 14-week programs that teach software engineering - are incre...
  • Challenging Interview Questions
    with Lynne Eisaguirre and Cady Chesney - February 10, 2017
    Proper preparation for a job interview can make a candidate stand out from the crowd. Recent college graduates don’t have a lot of experience interviewing, but that can be overcome! Join host Cady Chesney and guest Lynne Eisaguirre, President of Workplaces That Work, as they dive into how can successfully prepare by knowing how to answer some challenging questions.
  • Earn A Job Offer Before Graduation
    by Bob Roth - February 1, 2017
    First year college students should already be thinking about the jobs they want when they graduate. That’s because the best job offers are earned when students select their targets early on and spend the next few years doing everything they can to impress the employers that have those jobs. Of course, some students will not be clear about their career direction during the first year of college. For them, it will...
  • Success Doesn't Happen By Accident
    by Bob Roth - January 5, 2017
    Most students want to be successful in college. They know that their success in college can lead to success in their careers and in life. However, success does not happen by accident. Yet, not every student is ready to accept that fact. Unfortunately, some students get it wrong. They come to college with the single goal of having some fun. Of course, that is a choice that students can make. However, fun should only be a...
  • Career Fair Clues
    with Courtney Steding and Tim Muma - December 9, 2016
    Finding ways to actually speak with employers is a key to landing your first job, and career fairs give you the opportunity to do so. Courtney Steding, associate director of career services at Penn State Behrend, joins Tim Muma to discuss the vital components of successfully taking advantage of a career fair's design. Courtney clues us into the minor and major strategies that will help you along the way.
  • The Importance Of Work Experience
    by Bob Roth - December 5, 2016
    Students who work as they go through college with internships, part-time and summer jobs give themselves an important advantage in the job market when they graduate. Since not all working students understand how they benefit from their work experiences, it is important for them to think about their jobs as a way to support their career goals. For that to happen, students should understand five factors that improve their o...