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  • Human Resources Manager
    with Susan A. Muenter and Cady Chesney - June 30, 2014
    Human Resources Managers wear many hats and they work to keep the wheels turning in their organizations. From planning, directing, and coordinating administrative functions to overseeing recurring, interviewing, hiring, and training they do it all. Susan Muenter, Human Resources Director at Pewaukee School District, joins LJNRadio to discuss her career in human resources, and to share her insight on how to be successful in thi...
  • Operations Professional
    with Jon Myhre and Cady Chesney - June 30, 2014
    The duties of a professional in business operations can vary widely, depending on their industry. However, many operations professionals assist other departments to coordinate and meet company goals, make and enforce company policies, and manage projects across the company. Jon Myhre, Vice President of Operations at HealthFuse, joins the show to discuss the career opportunities within this diverse career.
  • Marketing Communications Professional
    with Cady Chesney and Elizabeth Lowman - June 20, 2014
    Marketing communications professionals take information, and turn it into copy tailored to connect with a range of specified audience. With skills in copywriting, copy editing, media relations, project management, and more these professionals are responsible for a variety of projects. Elizabeth Lowman, a marketing communications professional with more than 10 years of experience, joins the show to share her career path and how...
  • Freelance Editor
    with Julie Romeis Sanders and Cady Chesney - April 21, 2014
    Behind every great author is an editor that helped them shape their plot lines, refine their language, and create a publishable story. From children’s picture books, to young adult fiction, to non-fiction, editors guide authors along the correct path towards publication. Julie Romeis Sanders joins the show to talk about her career as a freelance editor and how others can enter this competitive industry.
  • Pharmacist
    with Jennifer Adams and Tim Muma - April 19, 2014
    The healthcare industry continues to grow and the use of medications has also sprouted over the years. The increased reliance on prescriptions requires experts to ensure people are using the appropriate items in the ideal amounts. Jennifer Adams, Senior Director of Strategic Academic Partnerships at the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, fills Tim Muma in on the role of a pharmacist and how you can succeed in this q...
  • Registered Nurse
    with Brooke Zepnick and Cady Chesney - March 19, 2014
    Before you see your doctor, you may see a registered nurse who can perform physical exams, confirm your heath history, provide health counselling and education, and administer medication, among other things. There is an increasing demand for registered nurses in the United States with opportunities in every area of healthcare, from surgical to pediatrics. Host Cady Chesney sits down with registered nurse Brooke Zepnick to disc...
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
    with Stephen Ratcliff and Tim Muma - February 14, 2014
    Substance abuse is a serious and potentially life-threatening issue that affects people of all kinds, whether they’re teenagers, your average workers or celebrities. Stephen Ratcliff, a certified alcohol and drug abuse counselor, discusses the path to a career in this field and what skills are required to be successful. He also gives us an inside look at what the day-to-day work is like and how it feels to help these individua...
  • Optometrist
    with Jennifer Smythe and Tim Muma - January 24, 2014
    Our eyes and other parts of the visual system are extremely important to take care of and treat over time. Optometrists specialize in helping individuals in these areas to prevent, diagnose and prevent problems. Dr. Jennifer Smythe, the president of the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry, joins the show to give Tim Muma an inside look at the profession, the key skills to a successful career, and what the educatio...
  • Industrial Chemist
    with Catherine Hunt and Tim Muma - December 29, 2013
    There are almost limitless opportunities within science to carve out a career for yourself - and chemistry provides even more flexibility. While many think of lone-standing research labs and chemists in academia, working in the industry presents its own unique experience. Katie Hunt is the Former Research and Development Director of Innovation Sourcing and Sustainable Technologies at The Dow Chemical Company, having spent 25 y...
  • Radio Play-by-Play Announcer (Pt. 1)
    with Ted Davis and Tim Muma - December 29, 2013
    Ted Davis is the radio play-by-play voice for the NBA's Milwaukee Bucks. He's enjoying his 41st year overall in broadcasting, a profession he jumped into at the age of 17. Ted sits down with Tim Muma to discuss his own career path and the keys to being a great radio play-by-play announcer. He also shares some of his more memorable experiences and people from throughout his career.